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T1/T2 declarations with the guarantees

  • 240_F_113286249_cj2ufqdLCBTxTugdmCfdFiVtN2vnoX9GWe provide transit declarations in conjuction by providing all necessary financial guarantees to the customs authorities via TransitNet system.
  • We open T1/T2 not only from the borders, but and also from all internal Europe customs.
  • Guarantee is given by us to all types of cargo, including excises.
  • Guarantee amount – unlimited

TIR carnet alternative

cargo-transTransitNet system – it’s a new generation of TIR carnet system alternative, allowing to save time and money.

Our system is connected with 8 customs systems, 3 business management systems also known as “ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning”, 4 lines of ships and with a long row of customs mediators, more than 30 countries of Europe, including Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia. It enables to comfortably use one transit procedures system, despite geographical barriers and variety languages.

Customs guarantees

Our clients have opportunity to fill declarations themselves in TransitNet system, while we provide them with guarantees of customs.

EPI declaration + guarantee

We formalize EPI type declarations by delivering all needed guarantees in a whole Russia, Belarus providing all the necessary guarantees, throughout Russia, Belarus and Kazachakstane, and a guarantee for Ukraine.

Import / Export services

We provide import and export formalization services alongside import guarantees.

Storage services

sandeliavimasWe grant our clients with customs warehouses and temporary storage security for diverse cargoes.

TransitNet system control

mobile_connectionTransitNet is online system, so there is no need for any additional software or devices. It gives an opportunity for the clients to fill and submit T1/T2 declarations by internet from any location and from any device with internet access.

This system allows our clients to refuse any sort of paper declaration and guarantee forms. All documents using internet are given to the customs authorities via merged customs NCTS and TransitNet systens, therefore customs receives information more quickly, than arrives transport vehicles.