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How does TransitNet system work?

1 way:

TransitNet system is merged with customs systems, so all of the documents are presented remotely – by internet. To formalize the declaration you only need to sent CMR and INVOICE documents of copies to our declarants, who will help declarant to fill T1 and sent for customs check. After it, we get LRN number, which we sent to the driver. He then can freely show custom-house officer LRN number from his mobile device, this how will be found declaration belonging to you in our system.

2 way:

TransitNet system gives a chance for the people to became our clients and fill T1/T2 declarations and submit them through internet for themselves with our providing guarantee, from any location or any device, refusing paper declaration forms. Clients will get special access, which will be created by us and we will teach them how to use TransitNet system.

TransitNet system advantages

shutterstock_265077344Using Tnet Baltic services, customs declarations and guarantees are presented via internet, thefore:

  • Opening T1/T2 from all of the Europe
  • Time consumption
  • Cheaper procedures
  • Easier payment method
  • Maitenance and declarations administration 24/7/365
  • Operations implemented as soon as possible. TransitNet provides customs information, which meets NCTS standards, so document formalization becomes even more simpler.
  • Declaration records reaches customs faster, than arrives transport vehicle, thefore you can avoid extra waiting time and filling mistakes

And more…

Speed – Tnet Baltic is quicker and easier transit formalization way, regarding competitive price in comparison with other offered market alternative solutions.

Geography – Tnet Baltic operates in more, than 30 countries of the, which operators takes care of delivered serverices quality and organistation.

Easier payment methods – There is no need to make individual payment for every operation. Payment for received Tnet Baltic services is happening periodically for the overall number of operations performed.

Possibilities – We manage excise cargoes from Lithuania, and other countries. Guarantee amount is unlimited.

Observation – Transit condition is seen constantly and in a real time.